Translation and transcreation into Spanish
Translating ideas, not just words.

Speak the same language as your clients
English and French into Spanish


Websites, apps, emails, brochures, subtitles, press releases and any texts you might need for internal or external use. My role is to make the translation read as fluently as the original copy.


Idioms or concepts can’t be translated word for word. Marketing campaigns require creative translations to make your message resonate and evoke the same emotion and response with a Spanish speaking audience.

Copy editing and Proofreading

Mistakes are part of being human. That’s why you need proofreading. I can correct and improve your style to make everything sound professional. Remember, your brand voice is an integral part of your reputation.

Project Coordination

I can assemble and coordinate teams of translators for multilingual or large-scale projects. I always work with highly skilled and talented professionals.


I can adapt your texts from LATAM Spanish to European Spanish. Or rewrite them using neutral Spanish to reach almost 600 million Spanish speakers.


Start things off right. Quality assurance processes can detect functional errors and localization slips in apps, software, websites and print layouts.

I am a team player

I often work with other translators, copywriters and creative consultants. Thanks to my trustworthy network of colleagues and specialists in other industries and languages, I can find the perfect match for your complex and large-scale projects.
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Marketing and transcreation specialist

Adapting a marketing campaign to the Spanish market requires translating slogans, websites, retail copy, content for online stores, dubbing and subtitles for videos, sales training, press releases and quality assurance. And I have plenty of experience in every stage of the process. I also offer linguistic consulting services so that companies know if their concepts and brand names are relevant for the Spanish market.

Over the past decade, I have translated and adapted marketing content for some of the leading companies in Silicon Valley, as well as apps and user manuals. I also specialize in IT, education, environmental affairs, business, tourism, wine, nutrition and kids.

I also excel at team coordination and project management. My hybrid experience as a linguist and a PM allows me to see the big picture. I can anticipate problems, provide solutions, answer questions, and collaborate on the whole localization process.

In the last few years, I have been trained in new tools and technologies to stay up to date and use the artificial intelligence as an ally if clients require it.

Featured brands
Featured localized apps
Featured translated books
I always bring my A game


I have been transcreating and localizing content for major international brands for almost two decades.


Quality, confidentiality and punctuality show respect for the client. My translations will give you peace of mind.


Extreme attention to detail and flexibility. I put my heart and soul into my work, and that defines my final product.


I’m used to wearing many hats - the client, the provider and the translator. That’s why I have the full picture of a project.

Behind the dictionaries...

In 2007, I graduated from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid with a degree in Translation and Interpreting, after spending my last year in Lille (France) as an Erasmus student. I have been translating and transcreating marketing content for over two decades, mainly in Spain and the United States. I am currently based in Madrid as a freelance translator.

Some fun facts about me:

  • As a child, I loved to decipher song lyrics. It felt like detective work!
  • At 9 years old, I could already use MS-DOS and years later I got straight As in all IT subjects at university. Computer science is my second passion.
  • After graduating from Translation and Interpreting, I studied an MA in Education. When I feel passionate about something, I love sharing my interest.
  • Exchange programs introduced me to foreign countries, and I’ve had the travel bug every since. I’ve worked as an au pair, language instructor and back-packer. I’m always ready to discover a new destination.
  • I first travelled to California for work, and it now feels like my home away from home. Second only to Madrid, my birthplace.
  • I’ve visited 35 countries and the personal record I’m most proud of is hiking a 3,500-meter Himalayan peak.
  • I love cooking and healthy eating. I haven’t found a cheese I don’t like (and I’ve done my research!). I’m also studying oenology.
  • I’m an extrovert and I love to talk. Can you tell?

Send your questions my way or get in touch for a quick quotation. Pick up the phone, drop me a line or use the form.

If it’s your first time requesting a translation, you’re bound to have some questions. Don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m here to help!

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Lidia del Álamo

Madrid, Spain
+34 636 077 144

San Francisco, USA
+1 408-839-8966

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